Sepago curtain 5m50 IC Crème : Width 5m50 High 2m opening 60cm

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Quick and easy to fit

Disposable curtains are lightweight and pre-pleated. They are therefore quick and easy to fit, while avoiding any contact with the floor.
In less than 5 minutes per bed can the disposable curtain be swapped for a new one. As such, at any outbreak of infections a room can quickly be used again.
Each curtain also has a date label creating an audit trail for your compliance systems.

Can be carried by one person

Each curtain comes in a protective plastic sleeve which must not be removed until the curtain is hung. The cleanliness of the curtain is thereby assured.
A full box of disposable curtains can easily be carried by just one person and occupies very little space.

All curtains have integrated special (EF) hooks that fit nearly any separation track. Should that not be the case universal fittings (UF) can be ordered (just the eye, no hook).

Frequency to change curtains ( department or room)
We would advise to make an internal risk assessment per department or room in order to determine how frequent curtains must be changed.

  • for bathrooms an interval of 3 months is common practice
  • for IC units curtains are usually changed daily or weekly depending on their usage.