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Consumable for Mirus Inhalative Sedation

FILTER for Mirus controller


What is the MIRUS System?

MIRUS offers all the benefits from the Volatile Anesthetics

"All in one"  : measurement, control and application.

  • Safety added:

      • Has an electronically controlled vaporizer system.

      • Has onboard gas monitoring for : Volatile Anesthetic and CO2.

      • Automatically controls patient dose (etVA/MAC) on target.

      • Independent alarm management.

  • Flexibility :

      • Can be combined with standard CC ventilators.

      • Small footh print = easy to be placed

  • Hight Connectivity:

      • Works with different kinds of ventilators.

      • Port for alarm communication.

      • mySDSlot for communication and updates.

      • Allows connection to patient data management system (PDMS).

  • Substantial Savings:

      • Volatile Anesthetics consumption-reducing technology (DOGA)

      • Consumables with long life

      • Low service costs

  • Is easy to loop-in into a breathing system.

  • Has onboard H2O/heat reflector  for proper climatization.


    Volatile anesthetics :


  • Selectively suppress consciousness but leave many autonomic functions intact

  • NO ceiling effect

  • Positive effects on lungs and cardiovascular system (bronchodilatation and vasodilatation)

  • Minimum Metabolization 

  • Elimination via the airway  (independent of liver or kidney functions)

  • Awaking is quick and predictable, detubation can be planned and organized


    Staff is not exposed to Volatile Anesthetics